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Barr Family Dentistry is recognized by many as the best dentist in Grand Junction, Colorado. We can help your family maintain beautiful smiles and good dental hygiene. Whether you need a regular dental checkup, a crown installed or your teeth whitened, our experienced dentist can handle it. Trust our us to take care of your family's cosmetic and general dentistry needs.

Call 970-255-7070 now to make an appointment for family dentistry. We'll set you up with a personalized dental treatment plan.

3 reasons to choose Barr Family Dentistry

Are you looking for the best dentist in Grand Junction, CO? Look no further. Barr Family Dentistry provides a wide variety of professional dental services. You'll want to make us your go-to family dentistry because:

  1. We use up-to-date dental technology and techniques
  2. We can provide dental care for your entire family
  3. We offer comprehensive dental treatment plans

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