Trust Our Team to Restore Your Damaged Teeth

Trust Our Team to Restore Your Damaged Teeth

Barr Family Dentistry installs dental crowns and implants in Grand Junction, CO

Broken or missing teeth can be painful. Even if the damage isn't painful, it can be a blow to your self-confidence.

If you have this problem, Barr Family Dentistry in Grand Junction, CO will restore your teeth. We create quality dental crowns that cover damaged teeth, protect them from further damage and give them a healthy appearance. We also install dental implants that completely replace missing teeth. Call 970-255-7070 to ask about crowns and implants today.

Nervous about dental prosthetic installation?

We understand that having dental crowns or implants involved can seem stressful. After all, damaged teeth can feel sensitive and dental care appointments might not be your favorite events.

You can expect us to:

  • Work with your comfort in mind
  • Use the latest techniques and equipment
  • Treat you with care and compassion

Once we've installed dental implants or crowns, we'll help you learn how to care for your new dental replacements. Come to Barr Family Dentistry for dental care you can count on.